Our vision is a peaceful, inclusive, solidary, democratic and equitable society, free of discriminations of any kind, with respect to the environment and every form of life. 

To make this vision a reality we believe we need to invest in education.

The values driving all our actions are democracy, collectivity, cooperation, creativity, respect for and commitment to the human and civil rights of minors in all aspects of their life, mental flexibility, selfless giving, immediacy, passion for education, education for all, integrity, trusting children and young people, solidarity.

 Our main goals are:

  • Defending the right to freedom of choice of education, as stated in the Greek Constitution and in Treaties of the UN and the European Union.
  • Protecting the right to establish, operate and participate in private, cooperative and public educational structures (formal and non-formal) serving all options in democratic and self-directed education without financial and geographical exclusions.
  • Protecting the right of parents to choose educational environments or combinations of educational environments.
  • Supporting and promoting all models of self-directed and democratic education in Greece for all ages.

Education + is a non-profit association based in Chalkida, Evia. It is the only Greek association protecting the right of free choice in education. Its founding members have worked for its creation for over five years, preparing and networking teachers, parents, and students nationwide.

Education + is the voice of those who strive to establish and safeguard the right of free choice in education, it is the voice of those who want to update and democratize the educational models used in our country or to create new ones.

Information on what we do, how to become a member and how to support us: email:

With the support of EUDEC Greece, The Greek Regional Chapter of the European Community for Democratic Education.