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Porto Grana Hub


Reconnecting the dots!


After almost 2 years of absence we are organising a grant reunion with all the families that have visited us since 2016 and welcoming new families who are part of the wider worldschooler community.

We surely missed the laughter of the kids and the joyous moments we spent together.

The location is perfect, our hub has been renovated and more welcoming people are eager to meet you.

We will spend our days, swimming, hiking, cycling, dancing, singing and playing games. We even arranged for a one day excursion to Elafonisos island.

We provide accommodation in a locally sourced vacation hostel.

Camping is also an option. In this case special price applies. Please contact us for details.

All you have to bring with you is your spirit for adventure and companionship.


We look forward to seeing you in our place this summer!


Cost (meals not included) :

  • 35 euros per day for adults
  • 15 euros per day for children under 18
  • free for children up to 5 years old
  • 50% total discount is available for families with 3 children or more

Please send us an email to to receive the application pack.


We provide recreational activities for children of all ages, in partnership with experienced pedagogues. 


Activity description
My vision is for the children to learn how to accept and love their individuality. It’s all the support they need in order to make decisions that are both wise and respectful, which is the main precondition for leading a life with happiness, completeness and abundance.

I work with groups of children since 2009 and this experience gave birth to «Gatherings of Creation and Joy». Each group is growing in a safe framethrough experiential courses, so that every child finds the courage to speak and express themselves. 

Firstly, the subject of the meeting is chosen so that it corresponds to the needs of the group’s members, setting self-acceptance as the main goal. During one gathering, children will learn a concentration technique given their personal space and time. The group will close their eyes and will reflect on the subject given. I am always by their side, guiding them with my voice. 

After, each child will prepare their working space where they will draw by placing the paper and drawing mediums that they will use e.g., brushes, markers, wood paints etc. 

Then, the time is dedicated to creating the piece of art that reflects the results of the previous step of concentration. 

The whole process is supported with the suitable music background. It is painting based on self-knowledge. Every child will show their drawing and with my guidance they will learn to focus on those qualities of the outcome that represent the new acquired self-awareness. In the end, we all thank each other as well as ourselves for this beautiful experience, and children leave with a precious gift, their drawing. This drawing is both the result of the creating process and a reference for self-observance. Also, it is recommended as a reference for parents for better understanding their kids. 

Arranging similar courses and seminars for years, I can give you some of the benefits for the children participating

  • They get to know color diversity. Such a diversity is a theme that repeats in one’s mind and environment.
  • Their self-trust with strengthen. 
  • They become familiar with the concept of self-observance. 
  • They learn to express themselves with more confidence and less fear of other people’s critique. 
  • The feeling of self-acceptance and accepting others is nourished. 
  • They learn to share and work together with love and respect. 
  • They develop their independence and the concept of caring for their personal space.
  • They add to their self-esteem. 
  • They earn new memories of creation and joy in a social frame. 

Ages: 6 years old and older (Groups will form according to common interests based on age). Additionally: This activity can also be implemented in children-parents’ groups «Gatherings of Creation and Joy with the Family»and in adults’ groups: «Gatherings of Creation and Joy for Grown-Up Children».